Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Get fLoRiDa off the ground!

Now to try and get a few dollars here and there for some markers, paper, crayons, and a new upgrades and plumbing  for the imaginarium (seriously, its sprung some leaks and we're running out of pots and pans!)

What we need & what YOU get!

Everyone who donates gets their name put on a "THANK YOU!" post at the beginning of February. Everyone. Even if its the lowest amount.

For each amount more that you donate, the coolness multiplies.

Donate a little more and you get a signed art card of your favorite character. A bit more and you find yourself actually IN the comic for that day.

Not cool enough? Bigger donors actually get the art card, the featured character, AND our never before seen, never before available pin-back buttons. Four buttons with the main characters from this season on them (Foxy, Grawal, Isi, and Cyrus)

Now, if you're one of the three with a ton of money burning a hot hole in your pocket, you get all this. All of this as well as your own personal character as a secondary/background character all throughout 2014. You could be a receptionist at a doctors office, the grocer at the farmers market, someone passing by on the street, or even all of the above! You are guaranteed at -least- four times being featured in the comic.

Please Click here to donate!