[About the Author]

Tabitha Kelley (formerly Hardy) is the creator of the comic. The main character, Tangie, is based on her fursona, Tangerine Willow, a fox cat hybrid lovingly called a "felox". Tabitha started drawing in the "cutesy" style in 2007 after she made the move from her home state of Pennsylvania all the way down to south Florida. The comic was started soon after. The title of the comic came from this, written as fLoRiDa to make it feel fun and exciting. Many of her friends and family members have become characters or have made cameo appearances. Fun Fact: The only two characters that aren't based off of real people or animals are Derf Defenderfer and Head Chicken. Since her original move, Tabitha has moved quite a few times, met many different people, and had a lot changes in her life. Some of these led up to a two year hiatus for the comic. 

In 2013, after a wonderful conversation with a friend, support from her family, and with a lot of inspiration from her new surroundings, it was decided that fLoRiDa should make a comeback  When she posted about the possibility of the comics return, it was met with a lot of favorable feedback. She began drawing for the comic again and it was scheduled to make its debut comeback on December 13th, 2013.