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January 2014- WHERE IS THE COMIC?

I should have posted this earlier. We are currently working on a few projects at the homestead, including finding a new homestead. We did the walkthrough for a new town house and are starting to pack for a move in April. With all the cleaning and moving, the comic bases have been misplaced more than once. But that is no longer an issue.

Also, someone, tooootally not me, may have left the new years comic in draft mode instead of queue'd up to post. I am honestly sorry about that... you know... if it had been me. Which it wasn't. I assure you. (Yes it was and I am sorry.)

We are working on a bit of a story arc to include new characters and the fundraiser comic. Sketches are being completed and a few have already been inked. One more week and we should be good through February!

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